Angry Planet


There’s a new Slipknot song, to those of you who might be interested in such a thing.  You know…..the ones with ears.

This is an Electronic track written and recorded by an old friend of ours.  If you’re into the sort of thing you should check it out, and if you’re not into that sort of thing then find a pretty girl who is and use this song to make her think you’re knowledgeable in the area.  Or a fella, if you happen to be a lady.

Listen to it, is what I’m trying to say.Look, even has a cool logo to boot!



Have a nice day!THUG LIFETHUG LIFE

A person with vision should be respected.

A person with initiative should be revered.

A person with both, could change the fucking world.

You could help.


Buy tickets to the MMA even here, and you’ll get to hear us play music while people hurt eachother!

Tickets are on sale for the June 14th Hardrock MMA event at Expo 5 in Louisville!

Get you one!

Did I mention we’re playing at it……cause we’re playing at it.

Also, our buddy Cory is going to attempt to lay some smackdowns….So bring your large and/or small butts and support local MUSIC and VIOLENCE!

We know it’s been a few weeks, so, figured it would be a good time to update those of you who still care at all.

FIRST: The reason that there’s been such a long radio silence is that we, as in Angry Planet, are working on our first full length album! Pretty sure that’s been mentioned before, but over the last month or so we’ve actually started to make real progress from concept to music, so, excitement abounds.

We swear to give you guys a sneak peek as soon as one is available. Till then, have a little faith! We’ll deliver!

SECOND: We were recently offered a chance to play in front of human beings. If everything works out in the next week or so, we’ll announce if that’s actually taking place. Plus, where and when you could see such a thing. Point is, this would be our FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCE as Angry Planet! And we’ll probably butcher it. Exciting stuff! You won’t want to miss it.

THIRD: Tyler is fairly certain that he has invented a new form of deep sea diving that requires nothing but an iron will, SPAM (the meat product not the email you don’t want), and a cheap plastic children’s pool. Tyler is also very, very unemployed and has A LOT of free time……so, at the moment we have chosen to not put much stock in that idea as a group. Still, he insists.

IN SUMMATION: Evan is the most well rounded and responsible person in this band…..and he walked around a Wendy’s with a Ketchup box on his head.

That being said, GOOD STUFF’S COMING! Be ready, be willing, BE ANGRY!

“Anger is a gift.” - Evan Wooden (And also Aristotle)

Mother of god….

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper (Cover)

Sometimes we do videos, when we can actually get our hands on a camera. 

So, if you’re like the other 99% of human beings and can’t be bothered to actually listen to or read something, then we’ve got your fix!

So yeah, we did a thing together.  We hope people like it….or at least hear it.  And even if they don’t……we like Peanut Butter.